About Shop-A-Fada

About Shop-A-Fada

Shop-a-fada is an innovative effort designed by a team of Israeli business owners and pro-Israel personalities to demonstrate support for Israel by purchasing products manufactured and sold in Israel. The campaign is driven by the basic understanding that among the most important ways to come out in defense of the Jewish State at this time is by investing in the Israeli economy.

Shop-a-fada is a direct response to those forces around the world who hope to destroy the flourishing Jewish state through hate-filled campaigns focused on boycotting Israeli goods. The reality is that if each and every one of us doesn’t respond, these efforts can have a real damaging effect on the Israeli economy. We therefore need to fight back and this is the idea behind the name shop-a-fada.

Rather than use the dangerous tools our enemies employ to try and destroy Israel, our campaign will allow each and every person who values the existence of Israel to make a purchase and benefit from top-quality Israeli-made goods while supporting our country. The name shop-a-fada is loosely based on the idea of the Palestinian intifada, using a tongue-in-cheek way to show how the same ideals of passion for a cause can be used to demonstrate love and solidarity, rather than hatred.

In addition to the investment that your purchase will make in our economy, we’re proud that for every sale made over the course of May 2012, five percent will be contributed to the American Friends of Magen David Adom. In this way, you will be supporting their invaluable work to help save Israeli lives each and every day.
We’re also proud to have one of Israel’s most beloved public figures, sports-star Tal Brody as our honorary chairperson. Tal is one of the country’s most vocal advocates and has embraced this campaign as an important avenue for people all over the globe to come out and demonstrate their love and support for Israel and the Jewish people.

Shop-a-fada invites you to choose from over 7,000 great products available on Israel’s leading portal of Judaica and Israeli-manufactured items – JudaicaWebStore.com.